Record Label Coasters

Record label Coasters are cut from the centers of vintage LP records. 


We print full-color 4" diameter record labels on one or both sides of the coaster.   

Custom printed packaging available.

4-1/8" diameter.

2-3 week turnaround time

Low price points, eco-friendly, compact & easy to ship

Above: 1-Sided Record Label Coaster - each coaster features a unique vintage record label on the opposite side of your custom imprint!

Custom Imprint Options

2-Sided Imprint

1-Sided Imprint

Side 1:  1st Custom Imprint

Side 2:  2nd Custom Imprint

Side 1: Your Custom Imprint

Side 2: Vintage Record Label

Packaging Options

We offer your choice of branded or un-branded packaging for your custom imprinted Record Label Coasters!

Easily create coaster sets that fit your unique needs -

up to 6 coasters per set!

Clear Round Coaster Case

This coaster packaging option is durable, long-lasting, and is available with or without your custom imprint!

Perfect for sets of 4 to 6 pieces -

These cases are 4.5" in diameter, with a depth of 0.75"

Below are some examples of custom clear round coaster cases for some of our favorite clients!

Custom Hard Case Angle.jpg

We offer a full color custom imprinted label to brand your clear round coaster case -

like the example for PNC bank, featured above!

Most of our coaster clients opt for these crystal clear hard cases without imprinting -

and with a design as eye-catching as yours, who needs distractions?

Below is an example of our Record Label Coasters in the classic un-branded hard case -

your artwork is displayed through the clear lid! 

Custom Imprinted Paperboard Coaster Box

This coaster packaging option is recyclable, economical, and comes with your custom imprint!

Perfect for sets of 4 to 6 pieces -

These paperboard boxes are 4.313" square, with a depth of 0.5"

 We brand the back of the paperboard box with your coaster artwork at no extra cost!

The cut-out window displays your coaster artwork in the center of the front of the package -

Your full color artwork on the entire box is available!

Record Label Coaster Paperboard Box MSTR

Front of Box

Back of Box

Clear Cellophane Pouch

Our low-cost packaging option is a convenient cellophane pouch, seen below!

We offer this option both with and without a full color custom imprinted sticker -

the example on the left was created for the Motown Museum in Detroit!

Perfect for single coasters, or sets of 2 to 6 pieces -

These pouches are 4.625" wide, with a fold-over flap to seal in your coasters!