Miniature Coaster Sleeves

Great for invitations, announcements, & special events!

Full-color coaster sleeve with a pocket on each side holds two coasters - perfect for a pair of our Mini Record Coasters, or Record Label Coasters!

Miniature record jacket resembles a real LP record release, with your custom artwork on both the outside and inside of the packaging!

Price includes:

Double Coaster Sleeve:

  • 1 Sleeve

  • 2 Coasters

Single Coaster Sleeve:

  • 1 Sleeve

  • 1 Coaster

2-3 week turnaround time for orders up to 1000 pcs.

High volume orders require 35 day lead time.

Inside View

Front Cover

Back Cover

Example of our Double Record Label Coaster Sleeve - available with both 1-Sided and 2-Sided Record Label Coasters!

Not sure of the difference between 1-Sided and 2-Sided Record Label Coasters?

Check out the details here!

Also available as a Single Coaster Sleeve!

Left: Inside View of Single Mini Record Coaster Sleeve

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