Custom Coaster Packaging

Great for invitations, announcements, & merchandise!

New Mega Coaster Sleeve Photo_JPG.jpg

Full-color Coaster Sleeves and customized Paperboard Boxes are perfect for creating sets of our Mini Record Coasters, or Record Label Coasters!

Miniature record jackets resemble real records, with your custom artwork on both the outside and inside of the packaging!

Options available for 1 or 2 coasters!

Customized Paperboard Boxes are perfectly sized for sets of 4 or 6 coasters - we offer a Standard Box (includes your custom artwork on back!) or a Custom Box with your all-over custom artwork!

Please contact us for a quote - we offer direct mailing!

Custom Printed Mini Record Sleeves

Double Sleeve Inside.jpg
Double Sleeve Outside.jpg

Inside View

Double Coaster Sleeve

Front Cover

Back Cover


Custom Printed Double Sleeve

With Mini Record Coasters

Double Sleeve - Mini Record Coasters - G

Perfect for mailers, or merchandise!

Ask us about direct mailing options! 

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Custom Printed Double Sleeve

With Record Label Coasters

Our Record Label Coasters are created from

recycled vintage vinyl records -

1-Sided Record Label Coasters feature

your custom imprinted record label on one side,

and an original vintage record label on the other!

Or, customize both sides of your

Record Label Coasters by choosing a

2-Sided Record Label Coaster,

to feature your custom record label artwork

on both sides!

Want to know more about these coasters?

Check out the details here!

Double Record Label Coaster Sleeve_3.jpg
Double Record Label Coaster Sleeve_8x10_

Double Sleeve with Record Label Coasters - available with both 1-Sided and 2-Sided Record Label Coasters!

Also available for Record Label Magnets!

To see more about our Record Label Magnets - click here!

Single Sleeves and Double Sleeves

can be mailed with First Class USPS stamps -

or, ask us about other options!

Custom Printed Single Sleeve Packaging

Available for Mini Record Coasters, or Record Label Coasters!

Single Sleeve_Exploding Worlds_Example.j

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We also offer custom packaging for sets of 4 or 6

Mini Record Coasters or Record Label Coasters!

Customized Paperboard Boxes for Sets of 4 & 6

Mini Record Coaster Paperboard Box MSTRL

Standard Paperboard Box

Set of 6 With Mini Record Coasters -

Includes custom record label on the back!

Also available for sets of 4!

Record Label Coaster Paperboard Box MSTR

Standard Paperboard Box

Set of 6 With Record Label Coasters -

Includes custom record label on the back!

Also available for sets of 4!

Set of 4_Keith Urban.jpg

Looking for all-over custom artwork

for your unique coaster set?

We are now offering custom printed

Paperboard Boxes

with a minimum as low as 50 pieces!

Contact us for more information!

Set of 4 Mini Record Coasters -

each coaster can feature

different artwork!

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