Custom Design Work

Our custom work takes vintage vinyl design from concept to completion

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Concord Records Permanent Wall Installation

Concord Wall 1.jpg

This custom beauty was created especially for our friends at the Concord Records headquarters in Nashville, TN -

and features all of their record labels! 

We were thrilled to bring this vision to life in Music City U.S.A.!

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Brewerytown Beats

DJ Booth

Our latest local project - this super groovy permanent DJ Booth in a local Philadelphia record store, Brewerytown Beats! 

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Kismet Co-Work Vinyl Record Wall

This project is a permanent installation at Kismet Co-Work in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia 

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Dogfish Head Brewery Jockey Box Project

We love working with Dogfish Head Brewery, and have been fortunate enough to collaborate with them on several projects -

including these custom jockey box covers to be used at beer tastings and other events! 

Contact us to discuss the way you could use the captivating beauty of vinyl records to transform your event space with portable walls, DJ booths, tables, and other event decor!   

This table design is collapsible and perfect for special events!

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Vintage Vinyl Record Award 

This classy commemorative vinyl record award is the perfect unique gift for the high-achieving record breakers in your life! Ask us about options for screen printing names or specific achievements on one, or all of the layers! 

Comes complete with a beautiful walnut stand, and a custom imprinted record label featuring your logo or custom artwork!

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Vintage Vinyl Record Centerpiece Design

These beautiful centerpieces were created for a wedding designer's vintage vision - we also offer a similar product, the 45rpm and LP Record mirror, which features a mirror in the center of this circular pattern of vinyl records. We would love to hear your ideas for unique design projects like this one! 

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Vinyl Record Tiles &

Custom Cut Records

Contact us to discuss options for creating a unique record pattern for your project! E-mail to get in touch, 

or give us a call at (888)-852-0294 ext. 1

Do you like these custom cut vinyl records?

You'll love our Cut-Out Record Clocks! 

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Vinyltone Amplifier

This super cool portable practice amplifier is hand-made with professionally produced electronics, and powered with a single 9 volt battery. Simply plug in a standard 1/4" instrument cable, and you're ready to rock this vintage vinyl amplifier!

Ready to create something unique?

Our designer Jeff Davis can create anything out of vintage vinyl records - even portraits like this one!