Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speakers

Perfect for executive gifts, music industry professionals, or milestones!

Made with vintage vinyl records, molded to create a gramophone-inspired speaker horn, with a beautiful walnut veneer cabinet.

Top-of-the-line coaxial speaker with incredible sound quality & volume

Choose from 5 different customization options.

Horn: 12" diameter, 3.875" deep // Base: 6.875L x 10.5W // Speaker overall height 15.25 x depth 8.5 x 12" Wide (at horn)



This product is undergoing a re-design, and will be back in stock soon!

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LP Label Templates

 Choose Your Customization Option:


Request a Genre: 

Pick from a list of genres and we will select an album from our thousands of records in-house to incorporate into your speaker. We recommend providing a list of at least 5 artists or albums to give us an idea of your tastes!

Available genres:

Rock, Soul, Country, Classical, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Crooners, Opera, Funk

Don't see your genre?



Create Your Own Album Artwork: 

Order a speaker with a record label featuring a special photo or artwork that you submit yourself.

Submit a Favorite Album: 

Customize a speaker with an album of your choice. Send in a favorite album from your collection and we use it to create your speaker.

Request an Album: 

Customize a speaker with an album you request - we source it, and then we use it to create your speaker!

This option is more costly, because we buy your album brand new - you receive your speaker, as well as any extra goodies that arrive with your album, like digital MP3 downloads!

Create a Custom Label—Add Your Own Text: 

Customize a speaker with your own personalized record label. Pick from one of four different designs and add your own custom text - see LP Label Templates below!

We can even customize the colors for you!