At Record Remix we round up unwanted records and re-imagine their function - to create a line of custom imprinted products that help you tell your story.


Record Remix transforms vintage records into a variety of new designs, bringing vinyl records back into the home.


The Founder

Jeff Davis began molding vinyl records over custom-made forms as part of a graduate school thesis project. His designs preserve the look and feel of the old vinyl, including the original record labels, while creating new, useful, elegant objects. Since 2002, hundreds of thousands of old records - past their playing prime - have been collected and transformed into everything from clocks to guitar amps.


Record Remix gets its supply of recycled vinyl from record shops, dealers, collectors and in some cases, from people’s attics. Every year, we recycle and reuse approximately 150,000 records or almost 40,000 pounds of material.

Eco-Friendly Production

Committed to energy efficient manufacturing, the majority of the production process is done in our Philadelphia studio. We do not throw away any part of the record: album covers are converted into sketchbooks and notecards, and leftover material is collected by paper recyclers.

Closing The Loop

Vinyl scrap from our shop is sent to record-pressing plants where it is re-ground and turned back into brand new records, closing the loop on our material stream.

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